The Basics Of Ultrasonic Cleaning Services

CNC Machine Shop

Today, research and technology allows very complicated and precise tasks to be carried out in large volume and in diverse industrial operations. One of the most effective options for cleaning of components and parts is the use of ultrasonic cleaning services.

Many machining companies offer different types of cleaning services for metal parts and components. These services are often rather abrasive and potentially damaging to parts with very high tolerances and the need for a completely smooth and unblemished surface. This smoothness is at the microscopic level, but for instruments used in medical implants and devices or in the aerospace or telecommunications industries, even the slightest in surface imperfections can be a very serious quality problem.

The Answer

To avoid using abrasive or rough types of cleaning operations that can scar or pit the surface or create even the slightest dent or irregularity on an edge, ultrasonic cleaning services provide the perfect option.

This type of cleaning uses bubbles of oxygen that are generated in a solution. The parts or components are submerged in the solution and a transducer unit external to the tank is used to create high-frequency sound waves.

These waves cause the formation of the bubbles of oxygen and also causes them to increase in size to match the frequency of the transducer. At this point as they contact the surface of the part or complete they explode, releasing a burst of pressure contained in the bubble that is just microns in size.

With ultrasonic cleaning services, it is possible to clean even the smallest spaces in a part or component. It also cleans both the interior and exterior surfaces that are submerged in the solution. Different alloys can be cleaned using different solutions, different frequencies and specialized cleaning protocols.