Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Resurface Your Pool

Swimming Pool Contractor

Even the toughest swimming pool maintenance doesn’t mean that your pool will last forever. Changes in climate, wear and tear, and regular use can cause the plaster to show. Concrete pool resurfacing in Orange CA is essential in getting your pool back to its original top condition. Waiting too long to resurface your pool can lead to more extensive and expensive in the long run. There are some signs that indicate you need to renovate your pool as soon as possible.

Dingy appearance

There are few things worse than a run-down and dirty looking pool. The pool plaster disintegrates with age and exposes the original structure’s rough surface. This makes the swimming pool appear foggy and discolored. If your swimming pool in an eyesore rather than an asset, it is time to call Allan Smith Pools for much needed resurfacing.

Safety hazard

The exposed rough surface is not only unsightly, but also poses a safety hazard. If you have nicked your hands or feet on a rough surface, it is time to get it redone. It may seem like a minor cut, but this can lead to serious infection. In addition, the rough surface is always a risk for more serious injury if left unattended. Pool resurfacing in Orange CA will not only restore the pool to its former glory, but also eliminate the risk factor.

Requires more than regular cleaning

The chipping plaster and concrete means that you need to clean your pool more than is usual just to keep it in reasonable swimming condition. Apart from wasting time that could be better spend doing other things, the worn plaster leads to cracks and structural issues. These can quickly escalate to more serious problems that require a major time and money investment. All of this can be avoided with resurfacing.

Pool resurfacing options

Plaster is a popular choice for homeowners seeking a pool surface repair service. It is a cost effective option that is easy to maintain. Avoid the temptation to use DIY repair kits, especially if you have no formal training in pool resurfacing. A single small mistake can lead to more damage. Professional renovation will last a long time, and allow you to use approved swimming pool chemicals without worrying about eroding or damaging the plaster.

Fiberglass is another swimming pool remodeling option that is gaining traction. Fiberglass is flexible, and therefore able to withstand shifts in the ground which cause cracks and other damage.

It is best to speak with a trustworthy swimming pool maintenance company about the type of work needed to restore your swimming pool. A good contractor will offer value for your money, and offer a good result that will last for many years.

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