The Basics Of A Kinase Activity Assay

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There are a many different options when considering a kinase activity assay for drug discovery. While there are a variety of features with each assay available, only universal methods are designed to be used with the entire kinase family. These assays work by indicating the ADP that is formed during a kinase enzyme reaction.

High throughput screening or HTS, is a critical part of new drug development phases, particularly in the development of kinase inhibitors. A thorough analysis of lead compounds is required prior to advancing the development of a new drug through to the next phase of discovery. HTS assay providers, such as Bellbrook Labs, focus exclusively on these types of assays, assisting pharmaceutical companies in profiling, SAR, and residence time methods to better evaluate the lead compounds under consideration.

Options to Consider

In any kinase activity assay, different options are available to integrate with specific equipment and testing requirements. Transcreener assays create a fluorescence property change, providing a clearly visible result that is accurate and easily detectable with all major plate readers.

Transcreener ADP assays have three distinct readouts based on immunodetection of ADP. These readouts include fluorescent intensity (FI), fluorescent polarization (FP), or TR-FRET. FI is a recommended option for simple plate readers respond to changes in the fluorescence levels and also is the only method with a positive readout. All are safe, non-radioactive methods of detecting the production of ADP. Each is extremely sensitive, meaning low quantities of enzyme are used. The assays are in a homogenous mix-and-read format and can be used in endpoint or continuous modes.

The Transcreener ADP Assay can also be used as an ATPase assay. Due to high levels of sensitivity and the ability to custom tune the assay based on diverse ATP requirements, this type of assay can be used in high volume situations for testing and screening with virtually any ADP producing enzyme. A Transcreener universal HTS assay is not only time saving, but it is also highly effective and accurate, this reduces the amount of effort needed to triage false positive hits.

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