Reasons to Consider Male Vasectomy Reversal in Houston TX


About five percent of men in the US who had a vasectomy in the past is considering male vasectomy reversal in Houston TX at some point in their life. While the reasons for the change are personal and plentiful, the most common reason is that you want to have more children or try to have more children. Whether you are newly married after thinking it wouldn’t happen for you or just realized that you want another baby with your spouse, you can reserve your vasectomy.

Conceive Naturally

While there are many fertility options out there, most couples would prefer to conceive naturally. If you’ve had the procedure and do not want to reverse it, you do still have options. However, it can cost a lot more because of IVF treatments, doctor’s appointments, and more. Plus, if you had no sperm frozen before the procedure, another sperm donation may have to be used, which may not be considered a natural conception by some coup0les.


IVF treatments are another alternative, but they can cost over $10,000 per cycle. Many times, the first few tries aren’t successful, which means spending much more than it would cost to have a vasectomy. While insurance plans can help with some of the costs, many insurance companies don’t consider IVF treatments to be essential and may not cover them.

Familiar Recovery

You probably remember well what happened after the procedure and the downtime it took to recover. The same applies when you have it reversed, and while it may not have been comfortable and may have been painful for a few weeks, it is a familiar feeling. It can make you feel better knowing what to expect when you have it reversed, and you can plan accordingly by taking enough time off work to recuperate. Visit Gulf Coast Urology for more info.