The Basics Of A Home Standby Generator


During an emergency situation which can be caused by equipment failure or extreme weather, the power to your home can go out. This is not unusual nor is having a Guardian generator in River Forest to provide standby power. Technically, an AC standby generator is quite simple; it is a way to convert mechanical power into electrical energy. The mechanical power is supplied by a motor which is often fueled by natural gas or propane, the motor rotates, this motion creates an alternating magnetic field through a coil which in turn produces voltage. A generator set includes the motor, the alternator and accessories.

Although there are portable generators available they produce a small amount of power, usually not enough to run the appliances and lights that are needed in the home. The better solution by far is a standby Guardian Generator in Rover Forest. This device is permanently installed on a pad outside the home; it is wired directly into the house electrical system and will start when power from the grid fails. When power from the grid is restored, the system reverts from standby power to normal power and simply shuts itself down with no damage to the house electrics or the generator.

As well as the convenience of automatic start and unlimited run times a standby generator can provide significantly more power than any portable set. A guardian generator in River Forest starts at 7kw and goes as high as 22kw, enough to power even the largest homes. Perhaps the fact that they are more expensive and have to be installed by a professional can be called “the downside” but when you consider the benefits, these are a small price to pay.

When purchasing a standby generator the fuel system is chosen based on what fuel is used for the home heating system. Many home generators are designed to run on both LPG and natural gas.

A bi-fuel system is ideal, even though you may have enough LPG to run the generator for many hours, there may be times when that isn’t enough. Under these circumstances you can easily switch over to natural gas.

When the system is installed, a transfer switch is installed at the same time. This switch prevents any back feed into the utility lines, it also protects the wiring in your home from any voltage from the grid when the power resumes. It is extremely important that a Guardian generator in River Forest is installed by skilled technicians.

A Guardian generator in River Forest is an ideal investment for any homeowner that does not want to risk being without power for an extended period of time. You are invited to contact Penco Generators, Inc for details on the entire Guardian range of standby power generators.