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For anyone doing business online from a freelancer to a large company, agency or business, having the ability to monitor your online presence, and to verify and monitor the DNS and MX record is critical. MXToolbox is just the product to do these tasks, and it is designed to make finding information and getting reports simple, easy, and highly streamlined.

For some people new to all the technical data that MXToolbox is able to access and provide, reviewing the importance of monitoring an MX record and DNS information is necessary. These two components will affect your ability to email, and they can also be the reason your email may end up on blacklists and cause problems.

MX Record

As the name MXToolbox implies, one of the main checks this tool features is the ability to monitor your mail exchange record or MX record. This is part of the DNS (Domain Name System) record and records the mail server that is accepting emails sent to your specific domain.

In addition, the MX record can also be used to assign a preference value to emails that will prioritize which emails are delivered through different servers on a system, or more correctly to balance the email load over the system effectively. This will ensure that high priority emails are dealt with through an available server, if there is more than one on the system, while lower priority emails will be held and processed as the servers become available.


Through using MXToolbox you can quickly check blacklists, which are also known as DNS-based blackhole lists, are actually databases of IPs that are linked to spamming.

Unfortunately, unless you use a tool like MXToolbox, you may not be aware that your emails are not being delivered to the intended recipients. This can have significant consequences for any company or freelancer, and ensuring your email is not on one of these databases should be a priority.


Another essential service that MXToolbox provides is to run a comprehensive test of your DNS root servers. This will ensure that all the name servers are responding and that they are operating effectively and correctly.

This information is essential to make sure changes have not been made to your DNS, and that all servers in use are responding correctly and that any errors are quickly identified and fixed. With MXToolbox, a simple test will provide all the information you need, ensuring your email and DNS is working perfectly.

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