4 Handy Cookware Care Tips


Serving delicious food is one way to earn the unswerving loyalty and abiding dedication of your customers. One thing that makes this possible is your cookware. The right type of cookware helps you prepare meals rich in flavor and redolent with herbs and spices, or baked just right to create a crust and a creamy center for desserts. That’s why the proper care and maintenance of your cookware also matters. No matter how tough your commercial restaurant cookware is, proper care and maintenance will ensure that those pots and pans will last you a long time. Here are some tips you might find extremely handy:

  • General care. First off, there are 3 types of pans you’ll probably find in your kitchen: the stainless pans, the non-stick ones and the cast iron skillets. Each one fits a different purpose. So choosing one also means choosing a different cooking method. For instance, frying a dish might be better in a cast iron than in a stainless pan. Also, all three types of commercial restaurant cookware require different cleaning regiments, especially if you’re looking forward to more years of cooking dishes with that particular pot or pan. However, one common denominator here is the need to keep away from the dishwasher. Given the heat and chemicals in the dishwasher, regular washings will erode the artificial coating of the pans. This could lead to rust and premature wear and tear, something you want to avoid at all costs.

  • Stainless. Give your stainless steel cookware a good sponge scrub after every use. Use a sink of hot, soapy water to help you wash away any hard-clinging residue. When that’s done, dry and buff it up with a cloth. Make sure the cloth has been dipped in white vinegar, which is handy for removing stains

  • Nonstick. Don’t let even a stray drop of cooking spray hit your non-stick pans. Otherwise, it’ll ruin the non-stick coat of your pan—which is what you wanted in the first place. Instead, regularly use oil or butter on a cold pan before you use it. Also, make sure to distribute the oil before you turn on the heat. By following these tips, you won’t have to lose that non-stick coat just yet—at least not any time soon.

  • Cast iron. Never use soap since this causes corrosion in the cookware. The best way to clean it up is by boiling water in the pan and then brushing off any of the hard-clinging residues that remain. Dry thoroughly.

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