The Advantages of Hiring Private Armed Security


When it comes time to hire security, the first question many people have is whether armed or unarmed security is the right option. Your own unique security needs will have some bearing on this decision and what the right answer is. However, understanding what Private Armed Security in New York can offer will give you the knowledge needed to make an informed decision.

Better Training

When you hire an armed guard from an armed security company, the company has already determined that the person have training in using weapons. This is important to the company because their emphasis is on providing armed security, which requires a technical knowledge of the weapons as well as how and when to use them. If something goes wrong, the company can be held liable so they are diligent about who they hire. You can also expect that these companies teach every armed guard. This will include passing state standards and internal guidelines.

Extensive Background Checks

While an unarmed guard is going to likely submit to a background check, the checks on Private Armed Security in New York are more thorough. This might mean submitting to an FBI background check, which includes a fingerprint check and a determination of whether the person is legally able to acquire a gun permit. Potential employees with a criminal background or mental instability will not pass this type of check. That means an armed guard is going to be more qualified than an unarmed one and capable of providing better service.

Higher Level of Deterrence

Knowing that an armed security guard is present is an excellent deterrent to crime. Individuals who may be considering committing a crime are less likely to do so when an armed guard is present. It means they are taking a larger risk, which may not be worth it. Businesses are increasingly becoming aware of this and hiring their own armed guards to deter individuals from crime at their location.

There is certainly still a time and place for unarmed guards, but it’s worth understanding that armed guards have an advantage in many ways. This is especially true in situations where criminals are involved, particularly if they are armed with weapons.

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