A Dry Basement In Natick MA Will Improve The Value And Air Quality In A Building

Construction and Maintenance

Why are some basements damp, smelly, and full of watermarks and mildew? French drains are installed in or around every building and they can fail. The pipes can crack and dirt can block the pipe.

A wet basement can cause poor indoor air quality and structural damage. An owner can have a dry basement in Natick MA when they hire an experienced waterproofing company to repair their basement walls and floors. Even a basement that has cracks in the walls and floors with water leaking in will be able to benefit from this type of service.


Waterproofing the basement of any structure requires more than paint to seal the walls or floors. The water will need to be directed into an operating drainage system and any cracks or other damage will have to repair. Caulking should never be used between blocks that are cracked to seal them.

PumpSpy Technology

Constantly checking the sump pump to make sure it is working properly is not necessary when a free monitoring system is available. This type of system remotely monitors the sump pump and has a cellular data connection. The system is tested three times per week in the event service is needed.

A sump pump monitoring system does not require any additional equipment to purchase and will not use an owner’s Wi-Fi or internet connection. The monitoring system operates 24/7. An owner can heck their sump pump from anywhere and see the number of gallons that are being removed from the basement.

Internal Drainage

Collapsed drains inside or outside of a building will not provide an owner with a dry basement in Natick MA. The French drain system will have to be replaced. There is no need for the owner to have extensive excavation performed to reach the damaged drains. The new drains will be installed in the basement floors around the outside walls. All of the pipes will be connected to a pit that houses a sump pump.

In order to maintain the structural integrity of your home or business, a dry basement is necessary. Do not let the air quality in your building deteriorate by delaying any longer to have the repairs performed. Browse our website and learn more about the services that are offered to correct your basement problems.