The Advantages Of Going To An Orthodontist In Chicago Loop


Not everyone who lives in Chicago loop will need to see an orthodontist in their lifetime, but it may be a recommendation from your general dentist. Orthodontics focus on straighter teeth and an improved bite, but they can do more. Straight teeth are important, but so are the various health problems associated with the jaw and teeth. Crooked teeth can make it harder to clean the teeth properly, leading to decay, tooth loss, or gum disease. Problems that go without treatment can cause chewing problems, speech impairment, digestive issues and abnormal wear and tear of the tooth surface.

When To Go

Primarily, it is recommended that you have an orthodontic evaluation by the age of seven, but if you’re an adult and fear that you have problems, you can schedule an appointment with your orthodontist in Chicago Loop, with or without a referral. Likewise, many dentists specialize in orthodontics, so you may be able to see one professional and get all the care you need.


While metal braces are always the first thing people think about, there are other versions, including Invisalign. You can also find tooth-colored brackets and heat-activated wires.

Reasons To Consider Braces And Other Orthodontic Treatments

While the primary reasons to consider orthodontics is to get straighter teeth and reduce crowding, there are other reasons to consider it, as well. For example, crossbite happens when one or multiple upper teeth go behind the lower teeth instead of in front. It can also help with deep overbites, which is where the lower teeth bite into the upper gums or mouth.

Other reasons to consider such treatment include swallowing or breathing trouble, missing/extra teeth, too much space between the teeth, and more.

An orthodontist in Chicago Loop can help you improve your bite and straighten teeth. Visit Pure Dental Spa now to learn more.