The Advantages of Fixed Bridges in Granite Quarry NC


A dental bridge, which is also referred to as a fixed bridge, is a kind of dental restoration which makes use of a prosthetic dental structure to fill in the gaps which have been created by missing teeth. It is usually made from porcelain or metal and is anchored or cemented into place (using an adhesive) beside the remaining healthy teeth. The different types of Fixed Bridges in Granite Quarry NC include cantilever bridge, conventional bridges, and resin-bonded bridges.

There are many benefits to the restoration of missing teeth using fixed dental bridges. If they are properly installed and maintained, fixed bridges can deliver a high level of comfort to patients. One of the reasons why many patients prefer fixed bridges is that they do not need to be removed for periodic cleaning.

Many patients also take a shorter time to get used to fixed bridges. This is due to the fact that Fixed Bridges in Granite Quarry NC are lightweight restorations and are smaller than removable dentures and other complex dental restorations. They are also very comfortable when chewing. This is because the force required for chewing is gotten from the abutment teeth rather than the gums which are underneath. This is opposed to the chewing mechanism of removable dentures which rests on the gums. This causes part of the chewing force to be transferred to the gums thereby causing pain and discomfort. In addition, food may get trapped in between a removable denture. This doesn’t occur when a fixed bridge is used.

For patients whom aesthetics is a high priority, it is recommended that fixed bridges (especially those made from zirconium or porcelain) be used. Fixed bridges also assist in the improvement of speech. Patients who use removable dentures often have to use their facial muscles to hold onto their dentures when speaking. This usually results in slurred and garbled speech.

Lastly, most installations of fixed bridges can be accomplished in two sessions while other restorations take at least four visits for completion. For more information and inquiries on the best kind of dental implant to use, please visit