Do You Need Foundation Leveling in Houston, TX?

Construction and Maintenance

Your home is built on a foundation that keeps it level and secured to the ground. The soil itself tends to shift as moisture, rocks, and roots cause it to change. For those reasons, most houses aren’t built directly on the ground. Instead, they’re built onto flat concrete slabs. In some cases, there are even pilings that run vertically into the ground to add an extra layer of stability. This solution is not perfect, though. In some cases, you will need foundation leveling. Just as it sounds, this is the process of bringing your foundation back to being perfectly level if something has caused it to tilt.

Vertical Cracking

When a foundation begins to lean or if it sags because it is cracking somewhere, you will often see this manifest as vertical cracks in your home’s facade. Because the home sits on the concrete slab, if one side tilts, it will create incredible strain at the balance point between the two sides. That leads to vertical cracking. The cracking will generally start small and at the base of the house. If you see this at any point, you should call for foundation leveling in Houston, TX. Of course, there are other signs that your home may need leveling as well.

Tilted House

Because of all the things around your house, it can be difficult to know if you need foundation leveling. It can be difficult to know if your house is actually leaning. The best thing to do is to take a level and place it on different parts of your home. That will give you a good indication of the lean of your house. If your windowsills, porch, and roofline are showing your home is not level, you could have a serious problem.

Houston foundation leveling that begins early will be much quicker and less expensive than if you let the problem grow.