The Advantages of Choosing a Cremation Service Groton Over a Funeral


Approximately 50 percent of the time, Cremation Service in Auburn is chosen for end of life care over a traditional funeral. This number is continuing to rise due to the many advantages of this service. Some of the reasons that this is such a popular option for handling the end of life needs are highlighted here.


The fact is that the cost of a Cremation Service in Auburn is only a fraction of the traditional burial. When you choose to have a burial, you will be paying for the following: a coffin, burial vault, grave marker, cemetery plot and the burial service.

You can avoid the majority of these expenses when you choose cremation for the end of lost. Even if you choose to have a cremation burial of an urn placed at a columbarium, the cost of the interment is significantly lower. When direct cremation is chosen, which is cremation without the inclusion of any other types of services, it will eliminate the costs associated with a funeral and provides you with the most affordable option for end of life need.


When you choose cremation it also allows you flexibility for the memorial and funeral services. You have the ability to choose the funeral rites before the cremation takes place, a memorial service after the cremation, a cremation service during the actual cremation or a direct cremation that includes no actual service.

Cremation also allows you to schedule the service when it is a good time for your entire family; even if that is several weeks after the actual death.
I allows family a long-distances to arrive for the service. After the cremation you also have several options to consider of what to do with the ashes, including: selecting a permanent spot for interment; retaining the cremated remains in an urn or scattering the ashes from the cremation.

Environment Protection

When you choose cremation from Mystic Funeral Home LLC you will also be choosing a green alternative to a traditional burial. The cremation process will reduce the chemicals, including embalming fluid, that are released in the environment and limit the use of land resources and financial resources.