The Advantages Gained by Using an Open MRI Machine in Orlando

by | Dec 26, 2023 | Health

If you need to schedule an MRI examination but are not really sure what the difference is between the couple of options presented to you, or you are not even sure if it really matters, then you might be in for a shock. There are actually quite a few benefits to choosing open MRI centers.

Less Stress

Considering that a traditional MRI machine is closed and has a very tight fit, many patients are quite leery about using one. However, there is no close confinement when an open MRI machine is used. This is a huge stress relief to concerned patients and makes them much more likely to visit the clinic for their recommended exams

Larger Scan Area

Since an open MRI machine has a bigger usable scanning area, it is capable of scanning more of the patient’s body at one time than a closed machine can get done. This makes the entire examination process much more pleasant to deal with for the average patient because it means fewer overall trips into the machine itself.

Larger-Sized Patients

Since not all patients are the same size, getting your test done at open MRI centers is a better option for those who have trouble fitting into a traditional MRI scanner. This means they will not have to forgo their health just because the test is overwhelmingly inconvenient for them.

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