How To Tell If Your Brick Cracks In Oklahoma City Are The Result Of A Foundation Problem

Foundation Repair

When you discover cracks in your foundation and brick, this is a sign that you have serious foundation problems. Before your foundation is damaged even more, call a qualified company that will repair your foundation and Brick Cracks in Oklahoma City. Below you’ll learn more information about cracks in your brickwork and the damage it can cause to your home.

Q.) How can I tell if the cracks in my bricks are the result of a foundation problem or if they’re cracked for some other reason?

A.) Due to elements and age, the bricks on the outside of your home can develop surface cracks, which isn’t a big concern. You may notice these small cracks on a few bricks spaced apart, which just means that they have some wear. If the cracks in your bricks are long, diagonal or stair step and they run through the mortar between the bricks, then you have problems. When your foundation shifts or moves inward, this causes pressure on the structure and the bricks. This pressure is what causes the bricks to bust at the mortar joints and leave long cracks in the brickwork. If your bricks are cracked through the joints, you’ll need to call a qualified contractor immediately to inspect the damage.

Q.) What causes my foundation to be under pressure and crack the bricks?

A.) When the soil settles around the foundation of your home, it pushes into the area of your foundation that’s underground. This constant pressure on the walls of your basement is what causes it to crack. Since your house is connected to your foundation, this puts pressure on your home structure as well and causes the bricks to crack. After calling a company that repairs Brick Cracks in Oklahoma City to fix your foundation, they can use a proven piling system to repair your foundation so that your home is structurally safe.

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