Take Care of Your Eyes with an Optometrist in Hutchinson KS

Eye Care Center

A person’s eyes are important to navigating through the world and enjoying the many visual aspects of their surroundings. This makes it very important to take care of the eyes to ensure clear vision. An Optometrist in Hutchinson KS provides services to examine eyes and provide options for any issues with vision. They also can help identify early warning signs of diseases of the eye and other potential health risks, as well.

Eye Exams

It is recommended that adults have their eyes examined at least once every two years. This should occur more often if their are health risks associated with the eye. During the eye exam, an Optometrist in Hutchinson KS will thoroughly exam the exterior and interior of the eye. This helps to identify problems, damage, or disease of the eye. The optometrist will also examine the patient’s visual acuity to determine if they need corrective lenses.

Corrective lenses

If corrective lenses are needed to provide the patient with better vision, the optometrist will write a prescription for the best lenses to help the patient. This prescription is then taken to an optician who will help find the best frames for the patient. They will discuss the best frames to suit the lenses prescribed and help the patient find the most attractive lenses for their face and style. From there, the optician will have the lenses made and placed in the frames to provide better vision for the patient.

Other Eye Issues

If during the exam, the optometrist noticed any problems or issues with the eye, the patient will be referred to an ophthalmologist. This doctor will provide a more thorough examination of the eye to find the exact cause of the issue. From there, the ophthalmologist will determine the best course of action to correct or ease these issues to improve vision and prevent further issues.

Not only is it important to have the eyes examined to determine any issues with the eyes or vision, regular eye exams can often detect other health issues early. Facilities, such as the Business Name, provide professional and qualified staff to ensure every aspect of the eye is cared for to provide the best vision possible.