Most dog owners take their pets in to be groomed periodically to improve their appearance. A good bath and trim certainly do leave dogs’ coats looking shiny and beautiful, but grooming accomplishes much more than that. Pet Grooming in Everett also improves the animals’ health and well-being. Read on to find out how.

Improved Hygiene

Most people take showers every day. While dogs do not require daily grooming to maintain good personal hygiene, it only requires a little bit of imagination to think what it would feel like to go for months without a bath. The results would be disastrous. Poor hygiene often leads to the development of unpleasant skin issues, matted fur, and increased chances of acquiring parasites like ticks, fleas, and mites. All of these problems can be avoided by simply taking pets in to be groomed periodically.

Early Detection of Health Problems

Dog groomers are not veterinarians, but they do see a lot of different dogs every day. They are well-equipped to recognize potential health problems before they become more serious. Symptoms such as skin rashes and small lumps may be difficult to detect if the dog’s fur is long and matted or the animal is covered in dirt. Getting all of that dirt and extra fur took care of has the added benefit of allowing the groomer to look and feel around to make sure the dog is in generally good health. If not, he or she can inform the owner so the dog can be taken in for a visit to the vet. Click here for more information.

Improved Behavior

Pet owners may not realize it, but some of their animals’ behavioral problems are caused by easily solved physical concerns. For example, nails that have become uncomfortably long might lead to scratched up furniture or even scratched up people. The animals are not trying to destroy the house. They just need to have their nails trimmed. The chances are that if they are uncomfortable due to hot, matted fur, long nails, or other hygiene problems, they might also be more vocal or otherwise poorly behaved. Taking these animals in for Pet Grooming in Everett can drastically improve pet-human relationships. Contact Canine Country Club And Cattery Inc to schedule an appointment.