Even a minor fender bender can leave behind painful injuries. One of the most common types of injuries suffered in an accident is whiplash. This occurs when a person is hit from behind and their neck is thrown forward. This causes a great strain to be placed on all of the soft supporting tissues of the neck, leading to pain and mobility concerns. While there are many treatments involved in helping a patient overcome this type of pain, one of the most beneficial is Chiropractic Service Renton WA.

Whiplash not only causes immediate pain and mobility concerns, if it goes untreated, it can lead to nerve damage and health issues in the future. A chiropractor will first need to examine a patient’s neck to determine the extent of their injuries. They will perform a manual examination and will likely take X-rays. In severe cases, an MRI may be ordered. The chiropractor will need to be sure there is no major damage to the cervical spine before proceeding with treatment.

While it is important for a person to rest their neck for the first few days after an accident, long-term resting can lead to further problems. A chiropractor will work to move the subluxations of the spine so the vertebrae are properly aligned. This is the most effective way to allow the soft tissues to heal while helping to avoid nerve compression in the neck.

A patient will be given exercises to perform at home. These help to keep the muscles of the neck limber so they allow for normal movement and properly support the head. This is crucial for the healing process and will allow for a faster recovery.

Ongoing treatments may be needed for several weeks after an accident to ensure subluxations do not return. With Chiropractic Service Renton WA, accident victims can find relief from their whiplash injuries.

With Chiropractic Service, individuals can heal much faster from their accident injuries. Contact Rebound Sports Med in Renton WA today and schedule your consultation appointment. With treatment, pain reduction and mobility improvement can be achieved. Chiropractic can help provide natural relief so you do not have to focus on using risky pain medications.

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