Surety Bond, Cash Bond, Jail Bond in Georgetown? Posting a Bail Bond 101

Bail Bond Service

The various names for bail bonds can be downright confusing. The process of posting bail via bond agent seems even more mysterious. There are simple explanations for all bail bonds in Georgetown and what they entail.

Quick Release from Pre-Trial Jail

The court imposes bail to give defendants the opportunity of freedom prior to trial and the return of defendants to court for trial proceedings. In a perfect world, the defendant pays bail, goes free until trial, shows up for an initial court date, and has their bail returned to them. What if posting full bail isn’t a possibility? That’s when bonds become mighty handy.

Types of Bonds

A cash bond is a full bail amount paid in cash by the defendant to the court. It assures the court of the defendant’s reappearance for trial proceedings. Not everyone has the cash in full at the time of arrest.

Jail Bond or Bail Bond

Jail bonds and bail bonds are two names for the same thing. A bail bond aka surety bond is an agreement between three parties. The bond agent agrees to pay full bail on the defendant’s behalf if the defendant fails to appear.

Bail bonds are an economic alternative to paying full bail, since the surety bond itself costs about 10 to 15 percent of total bail. Instead of posting $50,000, a surety bond allows the defendant to post $5,000 to $7,500.

The surety bond cost does not include additional court filing fees. Bonds can be posted at any time of day or night. Release times range from two hours to two days after bail gets posted.

How to Buy a Bail Bond

Most bond agents accept cash, checks, or credit. Some offer bail financing or bail bond payments in installments. Others accept collateral for full or partial payment of bail bond costs.

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