On-the-Job Safety with Water-Blaster Safety Suits in the North Charleston Area


High pressure water spraying is an effective way to remove paint remnants, grime, dust or mold and minimize hazards, reduce allergies and improve appearances in the North Charleston area. However, water pressures that can exceed 30,000 psi through nozzles that can direct the high pressure stream down to nearly zero degrees can be dangerous and cause injury to the user. Safe working conditions, in this case, require protective gear.

Safety Suits for High Pressure Blasting

High Pressure Water Blasting Suits in North Charleston, SC, demonstrate exceptionally high durability and strength, rated for tens of thousands of PSI. They can also include mildew and fire resistance and UV color retention while remaining lightweight and breathable in severe conditions.

Added Strength with Kevlar Fiber Layers

High Pressure Water Blasting Suits in North Charleston, SC, with inner layers of Kevlar – a strong and heat-resistant synthetic fiber – can provide extra protection with a potential permanent deformation and yield strength in fractions of a percent, depending on the maker.

Ultra-High-Pressure-Resistant Abrasion Sleeves

Added protection also comes with a separate sleeve that attaches to UHP hose connector on the gun, guarding against sudden leaks in blasting-equipment hoses. These come in varying lengths and are typically easy to install.

Durable and Fire-Resistant Water Blasting Protection

A qualified distributor for water-blasting PPE in the North Charleston area can provide extra personal protection and safety with a highly-durable and fire-resistant and mildew-resistant safety suit. Call AQUA SAFE SUIT at (843) 760-3000 or visit http://aquasafesuits.com today.