Support Your Building Properly Using Foundation Leveling in Houston TX

Foundation Repair

The base of your home, otherwise known as its foundation, is one of the building’s most important parts. This is because it provides a stable platform for the building to sit upon and a base on which the building is formed. Before your structure is built the foundation soil is packed in place and a form is built to hold the concrete. In some cases a drainage system will be created to ensure the area will stay dry. Once the foundation is poured and the concrete is allowed to dry the building is put into place. All of this construction puts a lot of weight on a rather small area. If everything is done properly and the ground is allowed to drain correctly then your building should have few foundation problems.

Foundation Leveling in Houston TX is usually required whenever excess rainwater or other water sources settle underneath a foundation. This can happen when the rain falls off a roof or when water is channeled around the foundation through natural or unexpected means. Sometimes, this may happen during a severe storm, but typically foundation problems occur over a period of time. You can usually tell when the foundation is beginning to shift because it puts undue stress on other portions of the home. These stress points can result in cracks in the brickwork, separating walls, doors that won’t open or close correctly and other odd problems.

There are two basic plans for leveling a building. For smaller problems the most common choice is mud packing. This is a cement based grout that is forced under the foundation to properly level the structure. In some cases the contractor may choose to lift the building a bit using hydraulics in order to properly level the structure. The other method uses wood or steel piles to support the weight of the building. The piles are driven or otherwise placed in the ground and may be surrounded by supporting concrete. In most cases the contractors will need to level the home and ensure the piles are properly placed to support the weight. If your home or building is in need of Foundation Leveling in Houston TX then you can read more here.