Suffering From Neck and Back Pain? Back to Care Chiropractic Can Help!


Back and neck pain can be anywhere from mildly annoying throughout the day to completely crippling at its worst. It might be time to address the root cause of the problem. You could do a search for chiropractor Near Me online to get an idea of some options, or you could look into Back to Care Chiropractic.

Located in Buena Park, CA, the doctors at Back to Care Chiropractic are dedicated and focused on treating the source of your pain. They’ll start with a basic evaluation. This includes taking a medical history, getting a sense of when the problem started, and narrowing down where to focus based on what your symptoms are and what the mechanism of injury was. From there, the doctor will perform a physical exam, usually including testing your range of motion, reflexes, sensation, and generally feeling around the offending areas for any muscle tightness, alignment issues, or spinal problems.

They might also perform a few special tests in the case of symptoms like headaches or shoulder and low back pains to see if it’s something mechanical in origin or if something else is causing it. The doctor might also order some X-rays to get a better look at the bone structure and pinpoint the exact problem for you. From there, it’s on to treatment, which includes chiropractic manipulation, physiotherapy, medical massage, as well as a series of home exercises to help maintain proper alignment.

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, be it back, neck, or hip, don’t just search for Chiropractor Near Me online, call Back to Care Chiropractic for a consultation and get your life back.