Strategies for Raccoon Removal in Edmond, OK

Pest Control

Raccoons are especially active at night in both urban and country areas. They make their homes close to areas with water. Their breeding season runs from February to August. Their diet consists of both carnivorous and vegetarian sources. They’re not picky, so if it’s in your garbage can, they’ll most likely go after it. Since they are nocturnal, they like to create a secure den for sleeping during the day and to sleep in during bad weather, and also for a place where their babies can stay in while the mother goes out to forage for food.

In residential homes, a raccoon may dig a hole under a home or garage or find a small entry point around attic and soffit vents that best mimics the kind of den they would find out in the wild. Whenever possible, a pest control service will use humane traps and relocation to carry out raccoon removal in Edmond OK. They will use professional-grade traps that have especially designed to not harm the animal, and to make sure there is only one way in to the trap and that the raccoon cannot get back out.

The pest removal company can then help you rectify the situation around your home so that you aren’t inadvertently providing a desirable raccoon habitat. They can install vent guards around soffits and attic vents. These guards are made of a tough screen material that fit right over the vent and maintain the look of the home while allowing air to ventilate through the vents but not allowing wildlife to get inside. They can also install roof vent guards, and chimney caps over chimneys, which allow smoke to escape while preventing raccoons and other wildlife from falling into the chimney.

What homeowners can also do is to not leave pet food and water dishes outside unattended, especially at night when raccoons are active and out looking for food. Use secure, locking lids on your trash cans. Check the pest removal website to Browse Site descriptions about raccoons and other creatures, which may give you a better idea of what the animal is looking for, what will attract it, and how to deter it in the future.