Dentists in Oyster Bay, NY Use the Latest Technology in Diagnosis and Treatment


Dentists in Oyster Bay, NY have the latest medical developments for patient care, comfort, and convenience. These developments and technology are evident from the moment patients step into the office. While many hospitals are converting their records to electronic records, so is the dentist office. At the office of, each patient puts their information into the offices’ secure records system using the office’s iPad. Digital records take much less physical space to store and can be retrieved and organized quickly.

The treatment area looks just like an open, window-lit room in a house, with soft colors on the walls and wood flooring. Patients can watch a TV mounted on the wall and listen via headphones. The dentist has an intraoral camera and digital x-rays that can be used to locate and diagnose cavities in the earliest stages, when treatment is easiest and less expensive.

Technology helps the dentist provide the best patient education. The dentist has computer animation software, available on a large color monitor while the patient is in the chair, to help explain areas of concern and to explain how the dentist will treat the patient. The dentist can also print out a patient’s treatment plan, which is helpful to patients when budgeting their dental work for the year.

Sterilization is critical to prevent cross-contamination, which refers to spreading bacteria and viruses between patients if the equipment is not completely clean. New sterilization developments allow for hands-free sterilization of dental tools and equipment. Also, the cutting attachments are disposable.

Laser technology is the latest tool that dentists in Oyster Bay, NY have to perform a variety of hard and soft tissue procedures. One kind of laser is used for soft tissue procedures and for whitening teeth. Another kind of laser is used for surgery procedures on teeth, bone, and soft tissue, for drilling cavities, and for performing root canal therapy. Laser treatment allows for faster healing times. It’s also very quiet and operates without heat or vibration. Patients who are particularly nervous about facing the drill will be pleasantly surprised with laser treatment instead. Laser treatment can be used on children, as well, which may help them to never be afraid of going to the dentist. Visit website for more information