Strategies For Finding Top Homes In Bend, Oregon

by | Mar 26, 2014 | Real Estate

When you are looking at homes to buy for your own personal living space there are several common mistakes that buyers make. You can avoid these basic mistakes when looking for homes in Bend, Oregon if you plan ahead and give yourself time to actually see what homes are on the market.

Falling In Love With The First Home You See

While the first home your realtor takes you to may end up being the house you always wanted it is still critical to look at several homes in Bend, Oregon before making a final decision. Most people do make snap judgments about what they like or don’t like, but sometimes those first impressions and recollections of the home are not as positive the next time you see it.

Look at a few homes in Bend, Oregon in the same price range to see if the house you are considering is correctly priced and has all the features that you need. Then, before making an offer, go back and view the house that you want, this time with a more critical eye after seeing the competition.

Looking At The Décor & Not At The Home

Sometimes it is easy to find the specific décor of a room beautiful, amazing or absolutely just what you would like the room to look like. This can easily sway your opinion of the Homes In Bend, Oregon that are well furnished and the décor matches your personal taste.

It is important to be able to actually see the room for its own features and not for how it looks with the current furniture as a factor. People often have homes staged just for this reason as a well-decorated home will sell quicker and for more money than an empty home or a home that looks dated or old.

Failing To See The Potential

There are sellers that will paint, put down new flooring or even upgrade or renovate a kitchen prior to putting their home on the market. For these homes in Bend, Oregon the cost of these upgrades are reflected in the price. However, a home that needs a new coat of paint or new carpeting or cabinets in the kitchen may be priced well under the market value.

These homes in Bend, Oregon have a lot of potential and give you the opportunity to upgrade to what you like, not to what the prior owner thought people would like. Getting a good deal on older homes in Bend, Oregon allows you to complete the upgrades you like or even do-it-yourself to save even more.


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