Disabled and Can’t Work? Apply for Social Security Benefits in Oklahoma City, OK

Disabilities Law

3141763_xxlDisabled people who are no longer able to work have very few ways to support themselves in the United States. Social Security Benefits in Oklahoma City, OK are usually their only alternative. Unfortunately it is very difficult for people to be approved for this program. Even people who have worked and paid into the system for years are often denied benefits. People who are too weak or crippled to work often don’t have the stamina to complete the complicated application. They often need to hire a lawyer to help them through the rigorous administrative review.

A lawyer who has helped many disabled people successfully apply for benefits knows how the Social Security disability staff review applications and what they look for. The applicant has to show in detail how their illness or injury prevents them from working. Many disabled people forget to show this connection and are denied Social Security Benefits in Oklahoma City, OK. If a person has a bad back and is a welder, he has to show that he can no longer stand long enough to complete a welding project. He also has to document that he can no longer hold heavy torches and other equipment necessary to perform his work. For example, his neck may no longer be able to support the heavy protective mask that welders have to wear. His boss may value his abilities and therefore may have tried to accommodate his bad back by giving him smaller projects or allowing him to sit on a stool. However, if these accommodations didn’t work, then the applicant has to list these as well.

Many honest applicants feel they have a documented disability and decide they can fill out the application themselves. They are shocked and depressed when they are denied benefits. They do have a short time to file an appeal. They should click here to find out more about this process and how a lawyer can help. They will have to appear before a judge and the Social Security office will send a lawyer to explain the denial. Therefore the applicant needs to have their own lawyer to represent them. This gives them the best chance at obtaining disability benefits.