Store Your Goods Securely with Storage Facilities in St. Paul, MN

Warehousing and Storage

Moving from city to city or even home to home in the same city can be stressful, especially if one is moving from a larger residence to a smaller one. One of the best ways to keep one’s possessions safe after a move is to store the items in a storage facility. These facilities are often secure and have units of various sizes to better suit the customer’s needs. There are tips for finding the right storage facility, tricks to packing items, and tips on which size unit one should get.

The first measure to take when looking for storage facilities in St. Paul MN, is browsing local or online directories for facilities in the area. Draw up a list of the nearest facilities to the home; doing so will allow the homeowner to check in regularly on the storage unit without having to travel a long distance. After making a list, contact each facility and ask about their storage options, payment options, and security measures. Preferably, one will want a storage facility with locked gates, camera surveillance, and security guards who require picture identification from all persons accessing the units.

Some storage facilities in St. Paul, MN, will have several unit sizes. The smallest of these sizes is typically the 5 foot by 5 foot unit, which holds several boxes and one piece of furniture. The largest size is often 10 foot by 30 foot which is approximately the size of a two car garage that often holds the belongings of a four bedroom apartment or home. When the unit is chosen, buy a secure and sturdy padlock with which to lock the unit.

One of the key tips for using storage facilities in St. Paul, MN, is that of storing frequently used items nearest the front for easy access. Increasing the air circulation helps prevent mold from ruining the homeowner’s possessions. If one is storing furniture, rest it on wooden pallets to increase the circulation of air and cover it with soft, dry cloth to decrease moisture buildup which comes from using plastic. Click to find out more about storage tips, facilities in St. Paul, and how to keep one’s items secure.