Preparing Your Child to Receive Children’s Dentistry in Appleton WI


As children grow, it’s imperative for them to receive regular dental care so their teeth develop properly. From primary teeth to permanent teeth, these calcified structures in a child’s mouth should be checked for signs of dental disease and conditions. Seeing a dentist can be a scary experience for a child. The high-pitched whir of the dental drill and unfamiliar smells can cause an adult, let alone a child, to feel apprehension when seeing a dentist. There are some steps you can take to prepare your child for his first trip to the dentist.

When seeing a dentist that specializes in Appleton WI Children’s Dentistry, it’s important that your child feel at ease with the dentist before any treatment starts. If your child is old enough to understand, tell him what to expect at the dentist’s office. This first oral care visit will usually be short and informal. The dentist may use special tools to look at the child’s mouth and areas surrounding the mouth. The dentist may ask your child about his oral care habits. However, if you have a younger child, put him at ease by letting him know the dentist is a trusted person who will help him with the care of his teeth.

Inquire about your child visiting his dentist before his actual appointment so he can look at the surroundings and meet the dentist and his staff. During this short visit, the child may be shown the dental tools. The dentist may let your child sit in a dental chair so he will be familiar with it the day of his first appointment. Taking the mystery out of a dental visit can greatly increase a child’s confidence and calm manner when seeing a dentist.

Before a child sees his new dentist for the first time, make sure he has brushed his teeth. Don’t make the appointment during a time when your child is normally sleeping or eating. On the car ride to the dentist, keep your child occupied so he will be distracted from being nervous. For more information regarding children’s dentistry, please visit