Steps to Hiring a Residential Interior Design Firm in Bethesda, MD

Interior Designer

Making a decision to hire a residential interior design firm in the Bethesda, MD area is an integral part of the new home construction process i and the home remodel process.

These firms typically offer one or more residential interior designers. Some offer award-winning and established professionals, while others are relatively new companies with new designers and limited experience. To begin the process of finding the ideal company for your project, consider the following initial steps.

Review Online Galleries and Portfolios of Local Firms

Take the time to browse the websites of the residential interior design firms in the Bethesda, MD area. While the residential interior design firm does not need to be located in the city, they should be in a location that is easy for you to access.

The advantage of using a local firm that has already worked in the Bethesda area is their connection to contractors, suppliers, and vendors; as well as their ability to be on-site at your home during critical parts of the renovation and interior design process.

Book a Consultation

Choose a specific professional that appeals to your taste and design preferences, and call the residential interior design firm to book an initial consultation. This is critical, as it allows you to provide the designer with information on what you want, your timeline for the project, and the project budget.

To help you through any remodeling or new construction projects, the team at Zoë Feldman Design can provide experienced interior design services. To book a consultation or to learn more, call us today at 202-719-8062 or visit us online at

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