Steel Distributors and Warehouses in Louisville: Protecting Your Metal from Rust


Since not all metals are ferrous, you need to protect the nonferrous ones from rust. Corrosion is the number one problem that shortens the lifespan of metals. However, rust can be avoided by initially coating the metals. The success of the coating is determined by how well the surface of the metal is cleaned before the coating is applied. Here, is a common method used by Steel distributors and warehouses in Louisville to protect metal from rusting.

Metallic coatings

Metal Coating of steel and metallic surface is a very effective form of protecting metals from rust. After cleaning and preparing the metal surfaces for coating, a client can either opt to use: thermal spraying, electroplating, sherardizing and hot-dip galvanizing. However, electroplating and Sherardizing are not used to coat steel work, but, rather smaller things like nuts and fasteners. The type of metallic coating you use and the thickness applied on the metal are the top most determinants of how well the metal will be protected. Below are the methods of steel metallic coating:

Hot dip galvanizing

As the name suggests, the metal is dipped in a hot bath of molten zinc. At a temperature of 450 degrees, the zinc is now suitable for the metal to be dipped into. After being soaked in the zinc, the metal is removed with the zinc coating being uniformly distributed on its surface. A coat from hot dip galvanizing is very durable and protects the metal from any possible rust and even scraping.

Thermally sprayed metal coatings

The alloys used in this method include aluminum, zinc and aluminum-zinc. The alloys may either be in the form of wire or powder which is sprayed through a spray gun with heat from electric arc or an ox gas flame. The melted metal is blown on to the metal surface by an air jet which is compressed.

The above are just some of the common forms of metallic steel coating. A clean surface greatly influences the result of the coating. For more information about steel, contact Steel distributors and warehouses in Louisville. You can also visit the website to learn more about other services offered by American Metal Supply Co.