Standing Up to Employer Retaliation: Know your Rights

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Being fired from you job, especially wrongfully can cause extreme amounts of stress and frustration. Building a case against your former employee and recouping lost wages and damages can be just as overwhelming without the right guidance. Securing the services of an experienced labor and employment lawyer can help.

In order to prove you have been the victim of less than ethical practices you will have to provide detailed documentation. You will also need to file charges with the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division or the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The details you include in your filing will outline your entire case, so it is important to have legal guidance.

Timing is also important as you have a limited time to file your suit after you have been fired or a discriminatory event has occurred. If you feel, you have been wrongly terminated, or disciplined as an act of Retaliation, do not wait to file, the sooner your case is filed, the better.

An experienced attorney can be of support when your employer requests you to sign a severance agreement or release of claim. Being able to have a knowledgeable attorney preview documents can prevent you from signing anything that may hurt your case.

You employer cannot legally terminate you, demote you, or perpetuate any other negative act against you as the result of retaliation. If you feel that you have suffered from retaliation as the result of reporting wrongdoing, fraud, or other action, it is important to let your lawyer know up front. Depending on the circumstances of your case, you must report the incident to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Texas Workforce Commission Civil Rights Division. Regardless of which agency is involved, it is important to remember that their investigation is going to take time.

An experienced attorney can provide you with the support and guidance you need to prepare your documentation within the required time frames. It can be overwhelming, especially if you feel bullied or intimidated by your former employee. Remember, if you have been wrongfully terminated, suffered discrimination, or been improperly disciplined by an act of retaliation, your rights have been violated and you deserve to be heard.

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