Keep Your Hot Water Heater Healthy


Unless your water heater malfunctions, it may never cross your mind. It does its job silently, behind closed doors. But, hot water heaters don’t last forever and you should schedule regular checks of your water heater as part of your home maintenance plan. Regular check-ups can ensure any problems can be caught quickly before they turn into more serious issues. Water Heater Repair can keep your water heater functioning, but it may be cheaper to purchase a new system if your current one is showing its age.

Your water heater has several components that need to work correctly for it to do its job properly:

Water Temperature Gauge or Thermostat

You need to take care when setting the temperature on your hot water heater. Settings that are too high can cause scalds and burns, especially to young children, the elderly, and those who may be suffering from certain health conditions.

Setting it to low can cause health risks from the growth of bacteria.

Your hot water heater should be set no lower than 120 degrees and may need to be set higher if there is a high risk of bacteria growth in your area. You should consult an experienced local area plumber if you have questions about the best temperature for your home water heater.

Pressure Relief Valve
A water heater needs a properly functioning pressure relief valve to prevent the buildup of high levels of pressure and possible explosions. If your pressure relief valve is not functioning properly, it is important to schedule an immediate appointment with a qualified plumber.

You should also ensure that you water heater is flushed periodically. Without flushing, sediment can collect within the heater and cause serious issues. Avoid scalds and schedule an appointment with a Hot Water Repair specialist
Gas Water Heaters and Pilot Lights

If your heater is gas fired, it is important to ensure that the area surrounding the pilot light is kept free from dust and debris that may catch fire. If your hot water heater stops functioning and you smell gas, you should immediately exit the home and call your local fire department. Let the professionals determine if there is a risk of explosion or poisoning from leaking gas.

If your hot water heater needs replacing a qualified plumbing service such as AAA Wicks can help you determine the right replacement, including tankless heater options.