Sports Medicine Doctor in Orange CA Helping Athletes Recover


Sports physiotherapy is extremely important to both athletes as well as non-athletes, for it addresses the root of injuries and helps to speed up the recovery process. After an athlete is diagnosed and treated by a sports medicine doctor, physiotherapy is typically going to be the next step to help the athlete heal faster and get back into the game. This is usually a customized program tailored to the individual’s specific injury and needs.

Common Sports Injuries

The most common injuries a sports medicine doctor in Orange CA comes across are hamstring pulls, Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears, and joint and ankle injuries. Typically, those who participate in contact sports that involve running and turning are more likely to experience both sprains and ligament injuries.

Types of Treatment

Dr. Ebonie Vincent DPM, MBMS often recommends that athletes use both Interferential Current (IFC) and ice therapy to help with swelling and the treatment of sprains. The sports medicine doctor may also incorporate joint manipulation or mobilization for realignment, soft tissue massages to help with pain relief, various exercises to help strengthen the muscles, and different programs to help rebuild stamina, endurance, and core strength.

Although it’s important to stay active, sports injury rehabilitation can’t be rushed. There is much patience and discipline that is required during the recovery process. If you get overeager and try to rush the recovery process, it can easily make things worse and delay any type of return to the competition.

Listen to your sports medicine doctor, do any rehabilitative exercises, and beyond anything else, don’t rush your recovery. The last thing you want is to be out of the competition even longer due to a prolonged injury. Remember to take your time, and when you do feel you are ready to return to competition, be cautious and tread lightly. This will minimize any setbacks and get you back into the game even faster.

When looking for experienced and highly skilled Sports Medicine Specialists to help with injury or conditioning, consider contacting or visit them Dr. Ebonie Vincent DPM, MBMS