2 Common Objects You See Every Day in WI That Are Made From Aluminum 7075

Aluminum Supplier

Aluminum is a type of material that has long been used to fabricate a wide variety of objects for several applications. It offers a lightweight and versatile solution when fabricating objects without sacrificing durability. Aluminum material, specifically 7075 aluminum, is used to make the fuselages and wings of aircraft you see today. Perhaps you are also wondering about the other types of things that are made using this specific type of aluminum material. Here are 2 other common objects you see or use every day that is made using high-grade aluminum 7075.


One popular type of object or objects that are made using this specific type of aluminum material is rock climbing and ziplining gear such as carabiners. Carabiners help keep rock climbers and zipliners safe and would not exist without high-grade aluminum 7075.


Bicycles are also made from high-grade aluminum 7075 material as it offers great strength to weight ratio. Bicycle manufacturers have been using 7075 to not only make a bicycle’s frame but to also make several other parts like its crankset or chain wheel.

Where to Buy Aluminum Material

Perhaps you have a few ideas in mind and will need this specific type of aluminum. You are now perhaps searching for a company in Wisconsin that offers the highest quality 7075 aluminum in the market but do not know how or where to start. When searching for an aluminum supplier in Wisconsin, consider choosing a reputable and experienced company with several decade’s worth of aluminum expertise to ensure you receive top-quality aluminum products.