Spider Veins Removal From the Legs Through Sclerotherapy Treatment


Spider veins on the legs commonly look like a web of reddish to purplish veins at the skin surface. The pattern can also look like a starburst. Although these are medically considered very fine varicose veins by some, this is a much milder form than the twisted, bulging varicose veins that many people have. Nevertheless, men and women may dislike the appearance and want to schedule spider veins removal with a doctor. Only a physician with extensive experience and knowledge in this field should be trusted to provide Spider veins removal.

Effects of Varicose Veins

Spider veins and larger varicose veins can both be cosmetic issues or may cause some symptoms. Spider veins, however, are not associated with the symptoms of pain, aching and a sense of heaviness in the legs, but spider veins may be associated with local itching. In most cases of spider veins of legs, the condition progresses over time and people bothered by the cosmetic issues may schedule spider veins removal and treatment by sclerotherapy.


These small forms of varicose veins usually are reddish or bluish in appearance, though sometimes can be closer to purple in color. They develop because of genetic factors, excess weight, multiple pregnancies, hormonal factors, jobs requiring prolonged standing and other causes that are not even known.

About Sclerotherapy Treatment

Phlebologist doctors typically use a treatment called sclerotherapy to eliminate spider veins as well as other treatments for larger varicose veins. With sclerotherapy, the doctor injects a FDA approved solution into the vein that causes irritation and the gradual collapse and closure of this blood vessel. Often, this is a precise formulation of a detergent type of medication such as Polidocanol. Some physicians by mistake are still using hypertonic saline (concentrated salt in water) as a sclerotherapy medication, which should not happen and does not provide good results for treatment of spider veins. The body eventually absorbs the sclerosed targeted spider veins through natural processes. The legs have a large veins and venous reserves and eliminating unwanted superficial spider veins does not cause any issues with the circulation when the treatment is given by an expert physician in the field of phlebology. Anyone interested in this treatment may learn more at Vein Specialty Medical Clinic.