3 Reasons to Replace Your Kitchen Countertops With Granite


Remodeling a kitchen means making a lot of choices. One of them has to do with the countertops. Will you replace the old ones with the same material or go with something different? Before you answer, take some time to learn more about granite countertops Miami FL. You may decide this is exactly what you want for your kitchen.

A Non-Porous Material

One of the most attractive qualities of granite is that it’s non-porous. It’s easy to stain some of the other materials used for countertops, but you don’t have to worry about that with granite. Since it’s so easy to clean up spills on granite, you can keep your food preparation areas sanitary. Between the ease of cleaning up and the beautiful look of granite, those new countertops will be something you enjoy for years.

Heat Resistant

Another point in favor of granite countertops Miami FL is that they resist damage from heat sources. Have you ever placed a hot pot or pan on your present countertops? Is there still evidence that you did so? With granite, placing something hot on the surface for a moment or so is not going to leave any permanent damage.

The Color Never Fades

Some materials used for countertops look great unless they are exposed to a lot of sunlight. Over time, the color fades. That won’t happen if you have granite countertops Miami FL in your kitchen, The color holds up well since it runs all the way through the material. Five years from now, your countertops will be the same shade as the day they were installed.

Would you like to know more about granite countertops and why they’re so popular? A contractor like Marble Design USA can answer any questions that come to mind. The professional can also compare granite to other materials used for countertops. Once you see how the material compares to different options, it will be easy to make the right choice.