Speedy Deliveries Guaranteed By Messengers Silver Spring

Courier Service

Need a parcel delivered in a Rush? Contact “Messengers Silver Spring” for a first class, speedy delivery.

Messengers Silver Spring will collect and deliver letters and parcels of any size, for delivery downtown, in the suburbs, across the state or interstate.

The Messenger Silver Spring courier service is ideal for the delivery of time sensitive or valuable documents that you do not want to risk in the normal postal service. They have couriers stationed at several locations in the area to ensure that a courier is always close at hand to collect urgent documents.

To ensure that you get the best from the Messengers Silver Spring service, please ensure that all the paperwork is filled out correctly before the courier arrives. Make sure that the package is securely sealed and marked with the delivery name, address and telephone number as well as the sender’s details.

Downtown collections and deliveries are guaranteed to be completed in less than an hour by messengers in Silver Spring. With equally fast delivery times in the city boundaries which will be agreed at the time of booking your courier.

Small packets up to about 10 pounds can be carried by one of messengers Silver Spring cycle couriers who will not be held up by traffic snarl ups. This is by far the quickest and safest way to have small loads delivered within the downtown area, with the courier collecting a signed and timed delivery receipt.

Larger loads sent by messengers Silver Spring will be collected in a van of a suitable size with a crew of couriers sufficient to move the package safely. Please provide accurate dimensions and weights, so that a vehicle with large enough doors and floor space is sent for the job. Please make sure that you package the goods in materials strong enough to support the contents and with fragile items packed in a protective wrap such as bubble wrap, foam sheeting, polystyrene surrounds and ends, molded and shaped foam, cardboard, polystyrene peanuts or chips, to ensure the minimum amount of movement of the items during transit.

If you are sending your goods to another state, Messengers Silver Spring complies with strict transport regulations regarding weight limits and the movement of restricted goods. Certain goods and substances cannot be taken across some state lines. Please check when booking a courier that your items are not on a restricted or on prohibited goods list.

The items that messengers Silver Springs are restricted in carrying include:

* Most types of explosives

* Gasses

* Flammable Liquids

* Flammable solids which can self-combust or combust on contact with water, or which give off flammable gasses.

* Radioactive Materials

* Arms and Ammunition

* Corrosive Materials

* Oxidizing Substances

* Toxic Substances

There are other goods which we have not included on the list, such as many foodstuffs are not allowed to be taken across state lines without a permit.

Your local Messenger in Silver Springs Is Best Messenger Inc. Please visit their website at Best Messenger or log on to bestmessenger.net to book a courier today.

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