Kitchen Cabinet Trends

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Kitchens have become one of the areas that most people are updating and renovating. Even those who are just starting renovations on a home are finding that the kitchen is one of the most-used rooms in a home, so why not make it the place where you start your updates to improve the look of your home? Kitchen cabinet trends are becoming a hot topic on home design blogs and in magazines because they can change the look of a space. The style of kitchen cabinet you choose can transform the space and still be functional for your family.

  • Floor to ceiling cabinets. This has become of the newest trends because it really changes the look of a room. Floor to ceiling cabinets are great for those who want to install drawers as part of cabinetry. Deep drawers make it easy to store some of the larger home appliances that are popular, but don’t necessarily look so great sitting on the kitchen counter. Floor to ceiling cabinets can be one uniform style or broken up throughout to give a mixed look to the kitchen. Floor to ceiling cabinets are most often seen with long doors with shelving systems inside and deep drawers lining the bottom of the cabinets.
  • Mixed materials. Mixed materials has become a popular trend for kitchen cabinets. Unlike the uniform, traditional looks we’ve seen for the past 20 years, the trend of using mixed materials lends an eclectic, but livable vibe to a kitchen. The space becomes homey and inviting, but still retains elegance. The best part of implementing mixed materials for kitchen cabinets is it may involve only redoing a portion of the cabinets. You can keep some of the cabinets and redo other parts to get the look of mixed materials in the kitchen. Mixing steel or metal and wood or faux wood has become a growing trend seen at home décor shows and in magazines.
  • Functional interior spaces. This is what takes a kitchen from great to fabulous. No matter how wonderful cabinets are on the outside, it’s what inside that keeps your appliances, flatware and products organized. Functional interior spaces by way of customized compartments and other features are a major trend for kitchen cabinet renovations. With all of the affordable options like ready to assemble cabinets, there’s no reason to skimp on the major kitchen cabinet trends we’re seeing in the market.

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