Specialty Coatings: Made-To-Order


Specialty coatings are nothing new. Finishers have been creating essentially designer coatings for customers for decades if not centuries. However, over the years, the demand for such products has continued to rise. More and more demanding applications are continually seeking made-to-order solutions. This is resulting in an improvement in their market sector as finishing companies adapt to the need of their customers for unique and specialized finishes.

Who Requests Specialty Coating Services?

Today’s market is replete with companies that increasingly are requiring exacting specifications of fabricators, metalworkers, and finishers. The applications they offer the public need to have specialized protection against a variety of environmental factors. Coating the metal using a polymer or other type of plastic is an effective means of providing protection and imbuing other properties to the base substrate surface of their parts.

Companies that ask for specialty coating services are often those in the vanguard of technological innovation. They see specialty coatings as providing their components with what they require to meet the high-level demands of customers and federal and other agencies. Among those who most request this specialized service are:

 * Medical Device Industry
 * Electronic Manufacturers and Assemblers
 * Automotive Industry
 * Aerospace And Military Industries

They rely on finishing companies, their design teams, technicians and specialized technology – including equipment, to provide them with the specific coatings they need to retain a hold or surge ahead in the very competitive local and global marketplaces.

Specialty Coatings

Today’s market is a place where competition is fierce. It is also an environment where technology and concern by government and other agencies place stringent restrictions on the components and products of industries. To satisfy the demands of the various invested parties, many companies turn to finishing companies to help improve their product while making them compliant and cost-effective. They avoid generic coatings, instead requesting specialty coatings to help all their parts meet all company, customer, and governmental obligations.