Smart Farming System Strategies to Maximize Your Agricultural Business

Agricultural Service

Agriculture businesses are undergoing a revolution. Farmers and farmworkers have always been important to our world, but now they are critical to its survival in the face of climate change. Innovative farming technologies and solutions are needed that capture more water, preserve our soils, improve plant health and livestock, monitor soil nutrients and chemical levels, conserve energy in the form of hydroelectricity or biofuels from farm waste.

The world’s population is growing at a catastrophic rate. A larger human population means greater food demand — not only for humans but also for animals raised for meat consumption. While most of human history has been characterized by localized systems of agriculture and land management, we are now entering an era where these local systems can’t support a burgeoning world population. We must find new, innovative ways to feed our growing population.

Given the proliferation of mobile devices we’ve seen in the last decade, it should come as no surprise that an agricultural revolution is also underway: smart farming technologies are cropping up worldwide. Smart farming technologies combine big data analytics and cloud computing to provide farmers with better insights into optimizing their yields. By using IoT-enabled sensors and other types of technology, these smart farming systems collect huge amounts of data, allowing farmers to make smarter decisions about their crops.

Smart farming technologies are not only useful for farmers. Companies that make the technology are also receiving data from these sensors, offering them insights to improve their solutions even more.

As smart farming technologies evolve further and become more sophisticated, it is possible to imagine a world where all farms have Internet of Things (IoT) enabled sensors on every crop. These sensors would be able to collect and send back any number of measurements: light intensity, humidity levels, rainfall amounts, soil temperatures — just about anything one might want to know to optimize crop growth. Learn more about smart farming systems at SourceTrace Systems online at