Slate Roof Repair in Richmond is the Source for Slate Roof Repairs


Slate roof is a beautiful roof and it distinguishes your home in the neighborhood since it adds to the character and charm of your home. It’s important to note the slate roof is more prone to damage from weather, however, slate roofs can be repaired by inserting new tiles in the place of the damaged tiles. Slate is a very difficult material to work with because precautions must be taken to protect the other tiles. These precautions are understood by contractors specializing in slate roof repair in Richmond, VA.

The color of slate is determined by the mineral and chemical makeup, and these can vary from one quarry to another. Grey and black slates are quarried in Pennsylvania, and often these tiles can be identified by ribbons or streaks. Virginia yields a higher quality slate which is black or blue-grey, and the Virginia slate is very durable. Durable slate is also quarried along the border between New York and Vermont, featuring a wide variety of colors, including green, grey, purple and red.

Replacing slate tiles is a job for a professional roofer with years of experience in working with slate roofs. Matching the new tiles to the existing tiles is essential, but this process is difficult for the untrained eye. The color variations are numerous and the mix of colors in a single tile can be challenging to match. More importantly, slate tiles are fragile and they break easily even when stepped on the wrong way. Experienced roofers understand this and they have various methods of getting on the slate roof without damaging tiles.

Another challenge is lifting up a tile to remove the broken tile underneath. This can result in two tiles needing replacement. With slate roof repair in Richmond, VA, the task is managed in a way which prevents additional tiles from being damaged. This task requires the use of special tools which would not be used on asphalt shingles. The slate ripper and the hook are essential for the repair work to be done successfully. Copper nails are the customary method of fastening the singles.