Sell Gold For Extra Cash In Chicago


Bag with money dollarsIt is always nice to have some extra cash in your pocket right? Everybody would like to have a little more spending money for when they see something they want to buy or have a trip they want to go on. There are many ways you can get a little extra cash that you might not know about. You may even already have them in your home! One thing many people forget about is the value of jewelry. Even if the piece is out of style or you aren’t wearing it for some reason, you can still sell the metal for scraps and get cash for it. Even if the jewelry is scratched or damaged, even completely broken, the metal still has value. If you have a higher karat of gold you will receive more cash as well, as the price of gold is on the rise.

There is no better time to sell your old gold jewelry than right now. There are many places you can find that will give you top dollar for your gold. You can find many of these places to sell gold in Chicago. Pawn shops and different jewelry dealers will more than likely buy your gold or give you a price quote on it. It would be be a good idea to check with more than one pawn shop before you sell your jewelry, you might be able to get more money at another location. You can ask any pawn shop you visit where other jewelry or pawn stores are located as well.

There are many locations you can visit if you are looking to sell gold in Chicago. Clark Pawners & Jewelers is one local shop that will give you a high price on your gold. Many of the customer reviews on the internet are positive and say they would recommend the location to a friend. These are the things you want to hear when you are looking to get the most money for your gold. If you hold on to gold for too long it can actually go down in value, so when it is selling for top dollar you might as well get your money for it. The money can really come in handy if you have some vacation time coming up!