Siri and a Yamaha Piano Make Magic Happen

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Ever since its appearance on the iPhone 4S, Apple’s “Siri” has been wowing owners with its ability to perform tasks, answer questions and learn new feats. Now, Siri can play the piano as well. Siri’s musical talent was discovered by Yamaha and is accomplished using Apple’s wireless AirPlay technology. Any song that is already stored on the iPhone can be sent by Siri via Wi-Fi through an Apple Airport Express base station to a Yamaha Disklavier piano.

The amazing thing about Siri’s piano playing is that the sound does not simply come from the Yamaha piano, but the piano is actually played. In other words, pedals are depressed and keys move just as though a pianist is sitting at the piano. The idea is somewhat reminiscent of the player pianos that occupied old western saloons, only slightly more upscale.

The blogosphere is abuzz with Siri’s incredible new abilities, though it would seem that much of the credit is due to the people at Yamaha who developed the hack that makes it possible for Siri to send the information necessary for the piano to play the requested music. Siri may get all of the credit, but it is actually the Yamaha piano that plays the song.

Yamaha was in the piano business long before Siri came along. In fact, before there was ever such a thing as a digital piano, Yamaha made a name for itself producing exquisite-sounding acoustic pianos. Because the Disklavier can be costly, anyone in the market for a piano in the Houston area would do well to consider a Yamaha acoustic piano. Since most people want a piano in their home that they can play, a digital piano is not a necessity. However, a Yamaha acoustic piano offers the wonderful rich sound that piano lovers have come to expect from Yamaha at a fraction of the cost of a digital piano.

Regardless of what kind of piano you are looking for, consider a Yamaha piano from one of the many companies in Houston that carry them. Call today or stop by to see the look and feel of a Yamaha, Roland or Hardman piano. Siri has had the chance to play a piano, and now it’s your turn to make magic happen.