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A financial advisor in Pune Indiacan help you plan and execute your investments in an efficient manner, leading to a greater return on your investments. Financial planning is relatively new in India. However, in today’s business scenario, it is a significant part of an individual or organization’s financial planning and wealth management. With the multitude of options available, knowing where to invest your money to get maximum returns is crucial. As an individual or a business owner, you may not be entirely capable of doing this yourself. But don’t worry. Help is at hand now. If you own a business in and around Mumbai or Pune, you can hire the best financial advisors in Pune Indiato help you increase your wealth with sound advice and proper guidance as to what to do with your money.

What You Should Know Before You Hire a Financial Advisor in Pune

As said above, financial advising is a novel concept in Indian business and there isn’t a very organized structure when it comes to financial advisors. A lot of insurance experts, mutual fund sellers and accounting professionals like to call themselves financial advisors. This however isn’t the best way to go about it. Just like CA, MBA and various other qualifications, there is a professional degree for financial advisors too. CFP or Certification in Financial Planning is a certified course an individual must complete before being able to professionally provide financial advice. So before you hire a financial advisor, ensure that he or she has completed a CFP from an authorized institute.

A lot of people claiming to be capable of providing financial advice are insurance or mutual funds sellers. These people are often paid to endorse a certain company or plan, and earn a commission on such recommendations. Thus, they may not be able to give you unbiased advice as their prime motive is to sell their product. When you are hiring a financial advisor, ascertain that he is getting paid solely by you, for the advice he is offering you. There must be no commission element in his services. An unbiased financial advisor in Pune India can help you make the right decisions by giving you the right impartial advice.

Check for the range of services your financial advisor is offering you. Some advisors can only offer help with insurance and investment while others can offer a wider range of services like tax planning and even maintaining secretarial records. The highly qualified financial advisors in Pune Indiaoffer much more than just good advice. They can help you with the management of your finances from beginning to the end, offer sound advice on where to invest your capital for maximum results, help you manage the necessary paperwork and book-keeping, pre-certification, filling and submitting e-forms and Digital Signature Certificates, compilation of documents and status reports from banks and other financial institutions, as well as maintaining secretarial records. So as you can see, you can keep your finances well managed and making you more money with the help of a good financial advisor in Pune.

For an expert financial advisor in Pune India who can help you with all your finance related matters choose a reliable and well respected firm of accountant. Log on to to know more about financial money management and how to expand your wealth today.

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