Signs You Need to Be Seen at an Emergency Dental Office in Kona


Most everyone knows when they need to see a dentist. Taking care of your teeth can help to keep you from experiencing tooth loss and other conditions with your teeth and gums. While you may know the signs you need to a see a dentist, your general dentist does not always have appointments available when you need them. If you are experiencing certain acute dental conditions, this can leave you in pain and discomfort while you are waiting to get in to see the dentist. Instead of waiting to see your dentist when they open or when you can get an appointment, recognizing these warning signs can help you to understand when you need to see the emergency dental office in Kona .

Warning Signs You Need Immediate Dental Care

Injuries — Tooth injures are never expected, but can occur in a variety of different conditions. They can even occur if you have otherwise healthy teeth. Injuries can cause major damages in the teeth and can even cause your tooth to be knocked out. Many people are surprised to learn their dentist may be able to save their tooth, even if an injury caused it to be knocked out.

Surgical complications — If you have recently had oral surgery and begin bleeding or having the signs of infection, you need to be seen by an emergency dental Kona office right away. This will allow you to be checked so your condition can be stabilized until you can get in to see your oral surgeon or your general dentist.

Pain — Not just ordinary pain, when you experience severe tooth or gum pain, it is important you find relief. Instead of waiting until you can get in to see a dentist for a regular appointment, you can come in to the emergency dental clinic and receive prompt care so you can find relief quickly.

If you are experiencing any of these signs or other emergency symptoms, contact the Carter Yokoyama, DDS. Through this dental office, you can be seen the very same day so you can receive the treatment you need right away. This can improve your oral health rapidly and give you the relief you need.