A Tooth Implant in Kona Can Restore the Functionality of a Natural Tooth


Have you experienced the loss of one or more teeth? Then consider a single Tooth Implant in Kona or multiple implants. Tooth implants are root replacements for natural tooth loss. To see if this surgical component is for you, learn more about it.

When tooth loss occurs for various reasons such as trauma, mechanical failure, congenital absence, or dental disease, the surrounding bones of the lost tooth can shift their positions. This can result in problems with speech and consumption. Getting a Tooth Implant in Kona or multiple dental implants can rectify these problems. A dental implant is usually thought of as the dental device itself, the abutment, and the restorative device it supports. The abutment is the connector that attaches to both the restorative device and the dental implant. The dental implant is a small rod that is inserted into the space where the root of a natural tooth once was. The restorative device is the denture or crown the dental implant supports.

A dental implant can be made of titanium, zirconium, or other material conducive to being in a person’s mouth. When a dental implant is surgically implanted into a root space, it’s hoped that the surrounding tissue will accept the surgical implant like it is living tissue. When this happens, biological functions will take place that form a support system for the tooth implant. This process is called osseointegration. If the surrounding tissue does not accept the implant, there may be swelling and redness. The surrounding bones may even attempt to shift away from the foreign material. This can cause the dental implant to loosen and even fall out.

If you are missing a single tooth, you can get a single tooth implant. You can receive a multiple implants instead of using a bridge. When all teeth are missing, a person can also use multiple tooth implants. Only a qualified dentist can determine whether a person qualifies for these dental implants. After a thorough examination and consultation, a dentist and patient will make that decision.

Taking care of your dental health entails keep as much of your teeth as possible. Dental implants will allow you to do this and get back the function of your natural teeth. For more information on dental implants, please talk to a dentist like the ones at contact Carter Yokoyama, DDS.