Signs You Need An Alpharetta, GA, Drain Cleaning Service


Draining used water out of all the plumbing fixtures in your Alpharetta, GA, home is an important part of the overall plumbing system. While the lines bringing water into the home only carry freshwater, the drains and the sewer lines from the home carry water as well as a range of other substances including chemicals, soaps, and organic and sometimes inorganic materials.

The interior of drain pipes in the home, as well as areas where pipes bend or join, can sometimes trap or catch some of these materials. Soap, shampoo, lotions, grease and food particles, as well as other materials, can collect in the pipes, particularly in areas where the flow slows, as in bends or joints. Over time, this buildup increases, resulting in recognizable signs you need to call in an Alpharetta, GA, drain cleaning service.

Signs of Drain Problems

While it is possible for drains to clog suddenly, this is typically due to a large amount of material being released into the sink, toilet, shower or tub drain all at the same time. Even large amounts of toilet paper, Kleenex, baby wipes, or other types of similar materials can entirely clog the drain.

More typically, a drain cleaning service will find that the issue has been developing over time. The common symptoms of drain problems include:

  • Bad odors – bad odors from the drains can indicate slow draining through the system or may indicate the presence of bacteria in the breakdown of organic materials in the slow moving lines.
  • Slow draining – if water pools in the sink, shower, tub, or if the toilet is slow to drain after flushing, it is critical to call in drain cleaning service as soon as possible.
  • Gurgling in the lines – gurgling from sinks or plumbing fixture is a result of air in the lines. This is often associated with partial blockages that are trapping air.

In general, over-the-counter drain cleaning products do not fix the problem, particularly if it is down the line and not right at the drain. Hiring professionals is the only way to ensure the issue is corrected and the drains are back to normal.