Signs That It’s Time for Washer And Dryer Repairs in Pittsburgh PA


When washing machines and clothes dryers develop symptoms of problems, it’s best to have the situation addressed promptly instead of delaying. Those symptoms tend to get worse and the machine may break down altogether at an inconvenient moment. Some problems can eventually cause irreparable damage. Washer And Dryer Repairs in Pittsburgh PA are available from skilled technicians who service many types of appliances.

Occasionally something strange happens with the washing machine or clothes dryer but quickly resolves itself. The owner should monitor the equipment more carefully over the next several uses to determine whether this was a fluke or a sign of the need for Washer And Dryer Repairs in Pittsburgh PA.

Balance Issues

A washing machine that goes off balance frequently should be balanced with the little feet on the bottom or by placing supports under the equipment. A level tool will confirm that the machine is even with the floor. Extreme balance problems can one day break an arm to the tub, which could require replacing the washer.

Drum Not Spinning

Sometimes the drum won’t spin even when the load looks balanced. Opening the lid and closing it again solves the problem. The lid switch may be going bad. It will need to be replaced by a technician from a company such as Company Name or the spin cycle eventually will not work at all.

Standing Water

If any water is still standing in the drum after the final spin, that indicates a problem. The repair might be something as simple as adjusting a hose in back of the machine so the water drains fully, or a pump may be failing. Replacing a pump is a relatively complex repair task.

Dryer Taking Longer Than Usual

Problems can develop with the dryer too. Perhaps the machine takes twice as long to dry clothing, towels and sheets as it used to. Any number of issues could be causing this to happen. A sensor may be malfunctioning, for example. If the drum doesn’t turn, a belt may have broken. Even though the dryer is emitting heat, damp clothes can’t dry effectively when they’re sitting in a pile. Like us on Facebook.