Do You Need to Buy New Car Batteries in Groton?


Have you ever tried to start your car on a cold Monday morning and discovered that it just won’t turn over? It’s a sinking feeling when this happens and one that most of us are familiar with. Though many people forget about them, car batteries are really important. Apart from the fact that they provide us with car audio and inside lights, they also spark up the engine. When the charge is insufficient, it can make for a real headache!

Signs of a Failing Car Battery

The good news is that greatquality car batteries in Groton are available from a range of suppliers. But how do you know when to go out and buy a new one? Here are some signs of a failing battery that you need to look out for:

  • Slow Engine Cranking: That slow choking sound you hear when you’re trying to turn over your engine to get it started is the sound of a dying battery. In fact, the battery is needed to get the engine started; without the necessary charge, the engine will struggle to spark into life.

  • Erratic Electricity: Car batteries also fuel other things such as power windows and car audio. If you notice any problems in operations with other electrical components in the car, it might be time to invest in a brandnew battery and have it installed.

  • Swollen Battery: If you look under the hood and notice that one or both sides of your car battery are bulging out, this is a sign that something has gone wrong with the chemicals inside it. Don’t leave it in this case. Get a new battery as soon as you can and dispose of the old one in the right way.

Keep Your Car Going

The battery is definitely one car component that you can’t do without. Contact us today if you need to buy a new premiumquality battery for your car.