Sharpen Your Journalism Skills


The field of journalism is exciting, and it introduces you to many new people, situations, and events. The decision to browse journalism grad programs can help you to further develop your skills and to learn what is needed to transmute into a master journalist. During the time in the program, you can pursue some opportunities to even further enhance your abilities.

Find a Job
While you are in school, you may feel that you want to concentrate solely on your learning. However, having a job in the field at the same time can make you a more attractive candidate later in your career. Also, if you’re working, you get the chance to apply the skills that you learn in class to real-world scenarios. Having a combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills can make you a leader in the field.

Learn to Accept Feedback
When you work in a writing-based field, you’re generally going to submit work to editors. Getting into the mindset of understanding how editors work is important. They are not criticizing you or your life; they are critiquing your writing skills in a specific piece. Learning to accept feedback and integrate this feedback into your future assignments will assist in getting comfortable with the work.

Go Beyond the Classroom
The chances are that your school will offer opportunities to extend your knowledge outside of the classroom. For example, the program may host an event for students in the major to get together and share knowledge. The school may also hold lectures from distinguished individuals in the field. Participating in these events allows you to grow into a more well-rounded journalist.

The classroom skills are quite important when you’re pursuing journalism grad programs. However, you want to add to those skills too. Speaking with a representative from the School of the Art Institute in Chicago is a way to get started.